A. Name - The name of this Association is Ridglea Hills Neighborhood Association (RHNA).

B. Purpose of the Association - The purpose of this Association is to promote neighborhood cooperation, to protect and promote the interests of residents, increase the security of our neighborhood, reduce the crime rate, promote the improvements of public facilities and services, interact with government agencies and other civic public organizations for advocacy and general welfare of residents in RHNA, preserve the residential quality and character of our area and bring neighbors closer together.

C. Area - The physical boundaries for the Associations member area generally are south of Camp Bowie Boulevard, west of Westridge Avenue north of West Vickery Boulevard and east of Southwest Boulevard and the former Carswell railroad spur right-of-way, more particularly described as: Beginning at Camp Bowie Bernie Anderson Avenue: Bernie Anderson to Ridglea Lane to Westridge Avenue; Westridge Avenue including the homes on the west side thereof to West Vickery Blvd; West Vickery Boulevard to Southwest Blvd; Southwest Boulevard to the former Carswell railroad spur right-of-way to Camp Bowie Boulevard; Camp Bowie Blvd. to the beginning point.

D. Policies-The name of the Association or the names of any member(s) in their official capacities shall not be used without the consent of the Executive Committee. The Association shall not directly endorse any political candidate or party.

E. Membership

1. Regular Membership: Shall be open to any person who resides within the Association boundaries.

a. Regular members will be eligible to serve as Officers. Any resident may serve on committees.

2. Landlord (Rental Property Owner) Membership: Shall be open to any person who rents or leases a residential single family dwelling unit within the Association boundaries and does not live within the Association boundaries.

a. Landlord (Rental Property Owner) members are provided the opportunity to participate in meetings, address the Association on relevant issues, and are eligible to vote; however, they cannot serve on either elected or appointed positions on committees.

3. Business Membership: Shall be open to any person, firm, or corporation operating a place of business within or bordering the Associations boundaries.

a. Business members are provided the opportunity to participate in meetings and address the Association on relevant issues; however, they cannot serve on either elected or appointed positions on committees, or vote.

4. Executive Committee meetings will be open to the Association members.

5. Dues will be set by the Executive Committee with the approval of the membership. Collection begins January 1.

6. Annual dues shall be submitted to the Treasurer.

7. The annual dues for the Association will be set as follows:

a. $25.00 per year for Regular Member (per household)

b. $25.00 per year for Landlord/Rental Property Owner Members (per household)

c. $50.00 per year for Business Member

8. Additional contributions may be given at any time.

F. Voting - All adult (over 18 years of age) members of the Association shall be entitled to vote at the general meeting. There shall be one vote per household.

G. Rules of Procedure - Meetings and elections will be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order and reinforced by a parliamentarian appointed by the Associations officers.

H. Meetings

1. Meetings - The General Membership shall have quarterly meetings normally held on the second Sunday of the month (March, June, September and January) with the election of Officers held at the January meeting.

2. Special Meetings - Special Meetings of the General Membership may be called by the Officers or by petition containing the signatures of fifteen (15) households. Notice of such meeting shall be made in writing at least five (5) days prior to the proposed meeting date.

3. Official Notice of all regular meetings shall be given in writing to households with at least seventy-two (72) hours notice of the meeting date. In writing shall consist of any or all of these methods: newsletter, letter, Website, e-mail, or signage.

4. A quorum shall consist of those members present at a meeting, which has been properly called.

I. Executive Committee

1. The five (5) elected Officers plus the immediate Past President shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Association. The Past President does not vote.

2. The Executive Committee shall supervise the affairs of the Association in accordance with its stated purposes and policies; transact any business between meetings of the Association and report thereon at the next meeting; and make recommendations to the general membership on matters before the Association.

J. Officers - The Officers of the Association shall be five (5) members: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Director.

1. The President shall:

a. Serve as Chairperson of the Executive Committee and shall be the chief executive of the Association.

b. Be charged with the duty of supervising all functions, subject to the approval of the Officers.

c. Be Ex-officio member of all committees.

d. Be empowered to vote in meetings of the general membership and the Executive Committee only when necessary to break a tie vote.

2. The Vice President shall:

a. Act as special assistant to the President and represent the President whenever so designated.

b. Be empowered to sign any documents as authorized by the Officers. This may be done in the event of an emergency during the absence of the President or due to the Presidents inability or refusal to act.

c. Perform other functions as the President may assign from time to time.

3. The Secretary shall:

a. Conduct the correspondence of the Association.

b. Issue notices of and keep minutes of all General Membership and Executive Committee meetings of the Association.

c. Keep the official roll of committees.

d. Keep copies of the minutes of each committee meeting.

4. The Treasurer shall:

a. Be responsible for the annual membership drive.

b. Collect all membership dues and shall have the care and custody of all funds and property of the Association. He/She shall deposit all funds in the name of the Association in such bank(s) as may be designated by the Executive Committee.

c. Disburse funds only upon the order of the Executive Committee.

d. Present an annual budget of the Association for approval at the first general membership meeting following election of Officers.

e. Render special reports whenever requested by the Executive Committee.

f. Keep official roll of the General Membership.

g. Provide a Report at each Quarterly Meeting.

5. The Communications Director shall:

a. Be responsible for the content of all communications with members, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

b. Be responsible for the production of any Ridglea Hills Neighborhood Association Newsletter.

c. Be responsible for Web content, working with a Webmaster as needed on the Website and other online resources.

d. Coordinate block captains or recruit a block captain coordinator.

6. Within 30 days after retirement from office, each Officer shall deliver to his/her successor, all papers, records, and other property belonging to the Association.

K. Election of Officers

1. Nominating committee shall consist of two (2) current Officers and at least three (3) at-large members from the Association.

2. At the September meeting, a nomination committee will be appointed.

3. A slate of Officers will be presented and nominations form floor will be accepted at the January meeting.

4. Officers shall be elected at the Associations January meeting by a majority vote of regular members present.

5. Officers shall assume their duties in January and shall serve for two years until their successors are duly elected. Officers shall not serve in the same office for more than two consecutive terms.

L. Removal of Officers - An Officer may be removed from office by a majority vote of the remaining Officers, if the Officer:

1. No longer lives in the area specified in Article C.

2. Acts contrary to the Association Bylaws, Purposes, Policies, or Interests.

3. Fails to attend two (2) consecutive meetings (Executive Committee or General Membership) without an acceptable excuse given to the Executive Committee. M. Vacancies

1. In the event the President is unable to complete his/her term, the Vice-President shall become the President for the unexpired portion of the term.

2. For vacancies in offices other than President, the Executive Board shall appoint a member to fill the unexpired term with a simple majority vote.

N. Committees - Committees shall be designated and committee chairs appointed and removed by the Executive Committee, as deemed necessary.

O. Expenditures - Expenditures will be made by check requiring two signatures. All expenditures over Five Hundred Dollars ($500) will require the approval of association members in good standing.

P. Dissolution - The Ridglea Hills Neighborhood Association can be dissolved by a majority vote of the General Membership present at a meeting called for that purpose. The surplus assets, if any, at that time shall be distributed to an entity chosen by a vote of the general membership present. The effective date of the dissolution shall be thirty (30) days after the date of action by the membership.

Q. Amendments - The Bylaws of this Association may be amended or revised by a majority vote of the members present at a general meeting provided that a thirty (30) day notice of any such meeting contains a summary of the proposed amendment(s).

ADOPTED by a majority vote of the membership at the regularly scheduled meeting held on February 15, 2015.