Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be Ridglea Hills Neighborhood Association. The physical boundaries for the Associationís member area generally are south of Camp Bowie Boulevard, west of Westridge Avenue north of West Vickery Boulevard and east of Southwest Boulevard and the former Carswell railroad spur right-of-way, more particularly described as: Beginning at Camp Bowie Bernie Anderson Avenue: Bernie Anderson to Ridglea Lane to Westridge Avenue; Westridge Avenue including the homes on the west side thereof to West Vickery Blvd; West Vickery Boulevard to Southwest Blvd; Southwest Boulevard to the former Carswell railroad spur right-of-way to Camp Bowie Boulevard; Camp Bowie Blvd. to the beginning point.

Article II - Purpose

This Association shall be an unincorporated nonprofit association organized in the State of Texas for the purpose of promoting civic community welfare and pride among the residents of Ridglea Hills Subdivision, Tarrant County, Texas, and fostering and assisting in the general civic and social enterprises and activities which may be beneficial to the Community.

Article III - Membership

Section 1 - All resident property owners or tenants residing within the Ridglea Hills Subdivision shall be eligible for membership in this Association. A membership unit, which shall be entitled to a total of two votes, shall consist of a resident property owner or tenant defined and grouped as follows to wit: Husband and wife, widow or widower, unmarried person, or two or more joint owners or tenants. Section 2 - Any resident property owner or tenant within the RHNA boundaries may become a member by completing a membership form and paying the required dues to the permanent mailing address. Section 3 - Each membership unit shall be entitled to an aggregate of two votes as follows to wit: Husband and wife members shall each be entitled to one vote, provided however, in the absence of either, the other shall be entitled to cast two votes; a single person, widow or widower, who shall qualify as a member unit, as above defined, shall be entitled to two votes; and in the event two or more unmarried persons jointly own and/or occupy property in the Subdivision as their residence, such joint owners shall be entitled to the aggregate of only two votes. Section 4 - No one shall be entitled to participate in the affairs of this Association or hold office therein except members in good standing as to payment of their dues. Section 5 - Members must give written consent before their names, addresses or phone numbers may be published and distributed in any form which includes but is not limited to: neighborhood telephone books and giving member information to any business, organization, or individual that is not contacting the member for official Association business.

Article IV - Dues

Section 1 - The annual dues shall be the sum of $12.00 per household for each non-corporate membership unit which sum shall include dues for all persons eligible in the membership unit. Corporate memberships shall be nonvoting and annual dues will be the sum of $100. A new membership unit (household) joining for the first time shall pay $12.00 per household. If the new member joins prior to July 1 of a given year, he/she will be given credit for the entire year. If he/she joins after July 1 of a given year, he/she will be given credit for the remaining six months plus the following calendar year. Section 2 - All social events of the Association shall be designed to be monetarily self-supporting, and all due effort shall be made to insure this goal is met.

Article V - Fiscal Year

Section 1 - The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on October 1 of each calendar year and extend through September 30 of the following year. Section 2 - The budget for the current fiscal year will be based on the income collected during the previous fiscal year. If additional funding is needed, funds must be raised through donations, or an Association fund-raiser. Additional funds cannot be taken out of the moneys collected from dues in the current fiscal year.

Article VI - Mailing Address

A permanent mailing address shall be established and maintained by the Association.

Article VII - Executive Management Committee

Section 1 - An Executive Management Committee consisting of at least two(2) but not more than five (5) positions will be vested with the responsibilities and powers that would ordinarily be handled by the offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Board of Directors. Positions may be filled with one person or a couple. Each position will have two votes. Nominated members must agree to run in writing before their names are listed on a ballot. The Management Committee must be voted on by the membership in good standing. Section 2 - The term of office shall be for a period of one year or until successors are elected and qualified. Any Committee member may serve a subsequent year, without prohibition on the number of terms served. Section 3 - In case a vacancy occurs among the Management Committee, the Committee shall elect a successor to serve during the unexpired term of the office vacated.

Article VIII - Duties of Executive Management Committee

Section 1 - The Executive Management Committee will divide the former Officer duties as follows:

(a) Committee appointees shall assume the traditional duties of a President and Vice-President as follows: attend all meetings of the Association, preserve order, enforce the Bylaws, and exercise supervision of the Association's affairs generally. They will decide all questions of procedure and order for the Association; appoint all committees, unless otherwise provided for in these Bylaws, and be an ex-officio member of all such committees; and perform such other additional duties as are customarily performed by the traditional President and Vice-President positions.

(b) A Committee appointee(s) shall assume the traditional duties of a Secretary as follows: keep a full and correct record of all proceedings of the Association and have charge of all records of the Association, except those records and duties considered to be financial (see Article VIII, Section 1, c). Further, the Committee appointee(s) will receive all communications, conduct the correspondence, and shall mail all reports, bulletins, and notices, keeping a correct record of all the foregoing; the appointee(s) shall also be responsible for the preparation and updating of the General Directory of the membership; and he/she/they shall perform any and all additional duties which may be delegated to him/her/them by the Executive Management Committee.

(c) A Committee appointee(s) shall assume the traditional duties of a Treasurer as follows: keep a full record of all financial transactions. The Committee appointee(s) shall receive all dues and funds belonging to the Association, and shall deposit all such funds in the bank designated by the Committee; and shall draw all checks on the Association's funds, which checks shall be so drawn upon the signatures of any two Executive Management Committee members. The appointee(s) shall keep a full, true and correct record of all funds and of all financial transactions of the Association, and shall render a complete report thereof, to the Association at its annual meeting, or more often as required by the Committee. The appointee(s) shall file the necessary state and federal forms, as required by law or statute for an unincorporated nonprofit in a timely manner.

Section 2 - The Executive Management Committee shall take over the Board of Directors duties as follows:

(a) Be responsible for developing the budget, social functions, and all other planned projects and activities of the Association. The Committee is also authorized to conduct routine business of a continuing nature.

(b) Soliciting Association membership of all constituents in the directorate.

(c) Briefing newcomers on the purpose, plans, and activities of the Association. Section 3 - The Executive Management Committee shall be the governing body of the Association with full rights and authority, unless otherwise provided for in these Bylaws, to determine policy, outline, plan, and carry into execution all business, activities, and policy, to enter into and execute all necessary agreements, and instruments incident thereto, in the name of the Association and shall constitute the representatives of the Association. In addition to the foregoing powers, the Executive Management Committee shall be authorized to institute, as well as settle or compromise, in the name of the Association or otherwise, any necessary legal proceedings to carry into effect the purposes and policies of the Association, or to enforce, or prevent violation of, the Covenants or Restrictions applicable to the Subdivision; and to employ legal counsel in connection with any of the foregoing, if necessary.

Article IX - Meetings

Section 1 - Membership Meetings (a) An annual meeting of the membership shall be held each year during the month of January at the time and place designated by the Executive Management Committee in the notice thereof. Costs associated therewith shall be borne by the Association at the discretion of the Committee.

(b) Special meetings of the membership may be called by the Executive Management Committee, or upon the written request made by not less than ten percent (10%) of the total membership and when such written request shall be presented to the Committee, the Committee shall immediately call such special meeting.

(c) Special meetings or events of the membership are desirable and shall be held from time to time as may be determined by the Executive Management Committee or the membership.

(d) A quorum for all membership meetings shall be ten percent (10%) of the total membership units in good standing.

Section 2 - Executive Management Committee Meetings

(a) A regular meeting of the Executive Management Committee shall be held at least once quarterly.

(b) Special meetings of the Executive Management Committee may be called any current Committee member, and such special meetings to be held at the time and place designated in the call and notice thereof; which notice shall be given to the Committee members not less than seven (7) days before the date of such a meeting.

(c) A majority of the members then constituting the Executive Management Committee shall constitute a quorum for any meeting of the Board.

Article X - Elections

Elections will be held by having members cast their votes by mail or at the annual meeting. Ballots can be mailed or published, or supplied at the annual meeting. Mailed ballots must be postmarked and sent two days before the election closing date. Members must be current on their dues, but lapsed or new members may send in their dues along with their ballots. Members must put their names on their ballots to make sure there are only two votes per membership and to make sure the members are in good standing. Identities will be clipped off from the ballots and put in a ballot box for later counting. A separate list of participating voting members may be kept, but their voting choices will not be connected to their identities. At least ten (10) percent of the Association members in good standing must vote before elections are valid. If ten (10) percent is not reached, the voting committee will call current members that haven't voted and remind them to vote. The election deadline will be extended as needed until no less than ten (10) percent of Association members in good standing have cast their votes.

Nominations will be solicited by no more than three (3) members of the Executive Management Committee and two additional members in good standing that are not currently serving on the Association's governing body. All members may solicit candidate names, but the committee must confirm each candidate's willingness to run.

Article XI - Committees

The members of each Street within Ridglea Hills shall have the absolute right to establish a standing or special committee to promulgate recommendations to traffic problems affecting their particular street. Each street not only can make decisions regarding their street, but also other modifications such as sidewalks, beautification projects, and other issues that may develop that would affect their street. Special street committees must fund their own efforts unless the Association as a whole has voted to underwrite the costs. Special street committees do not have to be members of the Association. All modifications must conform to city laws and code. The Executive Management Committee may, from time to time, establish other standing and/or special committees and appoint members to such committees in such numbers and with such duties as determined by the appointing authority. Such committees shall be established and staffed in order to effect and further the purpose for which the Association was organized.

Article XII - Procedures

The following shall be the order of business for all meetings:
1. Registration of members in attendance.
2. Roll call of Executive Management Committee members.
3. Reading of minutes of preceding meeting.
4. Introduction of visitors.
5. Reports of committees.
6. Old business.
7. New business.
8. General discussion for the good and welfare of the homeowners and the Association.

Article XIII - Amendments

These by-laws may have revisions, changes or amendments proposed at any Executive Management Committee meeting, regular or special and proposed changes may be submitted in writing, by any member in good standing. A copy of the proposed revisions, changes or amendments may be published online at WWW.Ridglea, mailed to the residence of each member in good standing without email and emailed to all members in good standing with email. Article X voting procedures will be followed to vote on By-Law revisions, changes or amendments.

Article XIV - Representing the Association

No member of the Executive Committee shall represent themself to any person, group or other entity in such a way that can be interpreted that they are speaking on behalf of the entire committee without express approval of the majority of the members of the Executive Committee.

Article XV Removal of an Executive Committee Member

Any member of the Executive Committee can be removed by a vote of the majority of the other members of the Committee.

Article XVI - Dissolution of RHNA

If there ever comes a time when it is decided RHNA will no longer exist, any money in the account will be donated to either the Park, the Ridglea Hills Library, the Ridglea Hills School or the Faith Lutheran Chuch. The Executive Management Committee will decide how to split up the donations. Dissolution would have to be voted on by the membership as outlined in the Article X Election rules.